The Wow Factor

That journalist was clearly looking for new Wow Factors when we worked on the piece. It was hard to find them when the topic has been covered so many times. At the party, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah came up, followed by wows delivered by 5-star and 7-star hotels. In my classmates circle, someone is posting how-to-succeed pieces written by Wowers, everyday. “Like”, click.

Then, in the kitchen, he was making tea and I was waiting for the microwave dial to finish the two-minute turn. Looking out at the snow covered roof, the silence was a bit awkward.

“I saw you meditate under the tree,” I found a topic. “Where do you do it now? It is so cold out.”

He smiled and said…

Then, we talked about the holiday parties, the cards that no longer come with the postman, and the race to get everything done.

I rushed to tell him about Pico Iyer’s talk about the art of stillness on TED.

So casually, he said, oh, there is this German who wrote an excellent book called “Being Nobody, Going Nowhere.”


How often do we rush by the wows in search for distant wonders and neglect the gifts that are so quiet, so close?


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