Stranded @ the Airport

What did we do before we had cell phones?

How did we tell families and friends?

Were they nervous not knowing our moves every minute after?

What was friendship like when people didn’t see pictures of our drinks, meals, and our views?

Did the bookstores mean anything different then?

Did we smile at waiters as much as we do to the mics? 

What was in the vending machines if not Kindle, Beats, chargers, and splitters?

How did we calm the babies and what tamed the teens?

Did we notice outlets?

Did we scavenge for a spot to steal something as eagerly as we do for wifi?

Did couples speak?

What extras did we do on the toilet seat?

What was in our ears, around our necks, and what dangled from our pockets?

How did we exercise the privileges of being VIPs, preferred club members, or someone’s cousin?

How many institutions collapsed when we didn’t conduct business?

Did we broadcast work or personal matters in the open, sputter insanity and furry?

Did we speak with the next person and part knowing a bit more about him?

What did we do then that we are not doing now?

Did we see more or less, feel better or worse?

What would it be like when we are stranded again 10 years from now?


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