The Orchid Man

I never bought any orchid in America before because they are expensive and they die in my hands for sure.

Not this one.

At the Home Depot I saw it and suddenly missed Taiwan terribly.

That man in our neighborhood, I never spoke with him. I wanted to, because I always wondered how big his living space was.

My neighbor

He lived in the apartment row next to our building. His front “yard”, and there was none, was overflowing with orchids.

Maybe he could no longer push into the street. One day, I saw him sitting under a tree, dividing the orchids and putting netting around their roots.

Orchid lined street
Orchid lined street

Next day, on every tree along our street were amazing flowers.

DSCN0767DSCN0769 DSCN0770DSCN0772

This is the sort of moments I miss.

I began to believe this orchid on my table has read my longings. It is blooming for the third time within a year. 20130420_101008


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