Voting for the President

We are waiting for the next president of the United States.

I get goosebumps thinking about the process of voting. You go to the polling station just like going for a flu shot. No fuss, no sensation. You go not with a humbleness of a privileged but with an attitude of entitlement. The greatness lies with its normalcy, a sense of “This is what it is supposed to be.”

“What do kids know about adult’s affairs!” This was a phrase many Chinese kids of my generation got scolded with when we were my kids’ age, nosing around adults. But they do. It is amazing to hear what they think about abortion, gun control, economy, and relationship with China, and how their thinking influenced their vote in the mockup election in school. What a privilege it is that they get the opportunity to practice having a say about the president of the United States. The highest post I got to vote for when I was their age was the class president.


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