Leaving Taiwan – Things I Didn’t Do Here

  1. Get a motorcycle. I almost went for it since I was freaking out driving a car. But then, my dinner neighbor talked how much more front teeth and chin injuries she saw in her practice in Taipei. I chickened out.
  2. Take a soak in a public hot spring. I just could not make myself go naked in public.
  3. Have my facial hair thread-removed. There is a row of old ladies at the Shilin bus stop who are specialized in this. Each has a cart, a wash basin, and a special white paste. Every time I stopped to watch them, but I couldn’t do it.
  4. Taste betel nuts. I read them in novels when I was young. Men chew them and spit “blood” onto the sidewalks. Several times I saw my taxi drivers chew them. But they said it is not for ladies.
  5. Eat cow’s testicles. Do I need a reason?

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