Dinner for a Week – Sunday (Chinese Medicine Property and Veggies)

The Chinese believe there is nothing you eat that is without medicinal property. Some of my girlfriends are very careful about what goes with what and what not. For instance, spinach and tofu should not be cooked together. It will do harm to your health.

I have a busy week ahead of me, including travel and working through the weekend at a conference. So I picked these to get myself tuned.

  • Watermelon keeps me from agitation.
  • The long jiang-beans provides protein and has a mild, neutralizing property that balances the complications of eating all the rest.
  • The medicinal celery, this is how it is called actually (Another kind is called water celery which does not have as strong a smell), regulates blood pressure.
  • Basil is a stimulant, counter balances the depressive property of watermelon and celery.
  • Mango and kiwis will move toxic waste out of your system faster.

Now I’m ready!

Water melon, long jiang-beans (24 inches!), Chinese medicinal celery, basil, mango, yellow-flesh kiwis (from New Zealand).

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