Dinner for a Week – Friday (Homemade Tofu)

Tofu never came in a plastic box until I found it in America. My childhood tofu was always sold on a wooden door.

The tofu seller had this tiny hut not much bigger than a coffin. I never knew when he got there, nor do I remember what he put in the hut. But when we went to his place, he had already took off the hut door from its hinges and put it flat on two homemade stands. On this special counter, he stacked up shallow, rectangle boxes, each covered with white cotton cloth; he put out bamboo baskets with other tofu products: tofu sheets called bai ye, white tofu gan, red tofu gan (marinated in soy sauce), su ji and su chang, which translate into “vegetarian chicken” and “vegetarian intestines” respectively.

Onto the open surface in front of him, he flipped over the rectangle box which contained tofu. We would see the perfect imprint of his wooden mode that looked exactly like what you see in this picture. Steam rose from it. The whole piece was the size of your arm in length and width.

Squeezed among the shoppers I called for x-pennies worth. He never answered but waved a thin square piece of metal over the tofu and down, then, he scooped it up and put the piece of mine gingerly in my basket. In its place lay the white cotton cloth almost completely clean.

A tender green called xian cai, carrot, white sweet corn, homemade tofu, a piece of baby ginger, papaya, four-season beans.

2 thoughts on “Dinner for a Week – Friday (Homemade Tofu)

    • Concept was too noble a word to describe it. It was a week when I didn’t know what to write. I thought I could always document what I did in the morning. Somehow, the posting just happened.

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