Dinner for a Week – Thursday (With Friends)

I still need an onion and some celery. Oh right, I need beef to make meat sauce.

Movers are packing F’s apartment. Her Taiwan life is coming to an end.

She will be exhausted at the end of the day. She’s forgoing the dinner date. I said, bring the kids over; I will make something simple, like baked chicken with potatoes, pasta, pasta, and pasta. I know kids like them, different kinds. I borrowed the baking dish from my neighbor. I looked for passion fruits which would make a really unique salad dressing. But it is not yet the season.

We came around the same time. We are leaving around the same time, too. We did a lot together: fabric market, riverbank biking, pizza and Thai; we watched each other’s kids when we were off the island, working. We talked about jobs, hopes and dreams, as well as frustrations. It is a rich life living abroad, a lonely one sometimes, too. A good friend makes a foreign land closer to home.

She runs, hikes, bikes, takes my family to places we would not go on our own. She takes language and cooking classes. She volunteers to teach personal management to kids. She zooms off to Japan or Beijing or Bangkok or the U.S. and back. She’s gone to more places than I have been. Finally, I decided she is not a human. Humans cannot pack this much into a full-time working life.

I notice how little green color there is in this photo. Oh well, that bottle of 2002 Chateau de Monbazan must come from buckets of grapes; that sach torte from the Austrian baker, shouldn’t his coco beans count as fruits, too?

Bon Voyage!

No need to have caption. Too familiar, eh?

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