Dinner for a Week – Monday (Supermarket and Leftovers)

Monday is supermarket and leftover day. Why? Because the farmer’s market has Mondays off. I learned about this the 2nd week we moved here. I went to the usual spot where the couple and their son parked their blue truck and stock the tiny room for three hours a day, every day. But on that day they were not there. The next day, the wife told me about Mondays off. Then, I went there and they were not there again. It was on a Wednesday. The next day, the wife said, “Ai ya, it was lunar 15th. It is offering day. We don’t sell.” Instead, they spent the day at home, putting out offerings for the gods. After two years, I still go to the spot and find it closed. I’m just less puzzled, because I know it must be another day reserved for gods and fortune.

This Monday, my kids had what you see below. I had leftovers: tofu and broccoli, oil rice with dried mushroom and what my children call “dried dead shrimps”, a golden Q-egg which is a boiled, marinated egg with soft yolk that is of orange color – I bought it from a stand where I saw people line up. I didn’t know what I was getting. But it can only be better than grilled chicken pasta.

Top down left: guava, grilled chicken pasta with cukes, sushi varieties, rolls. Of course you see my expensive,imported parm cheese and pesto.

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