Home Coming – Things I Notice

Aged passion fruits.

I’m back home visiting. Several friends asked me what I’d miss most about Taiwan. “Fruits.” My mouth said before I know it. Today is a gorgeous Sunday. I ran errands all day and noticed things invisible to me before:

  • My local grocery store has more tropical fruits than I thought. Although they are in an inedible shape by Taiwan standard, it is still good to know that I can get them for $2.99 each.
  • Walking counts as a sport. People dress up with serious athletic intent.
  • Cars zoomed by carrying bikes. But not many people rode bikes on the road.
  • Grocery and department store staff are 20-30 years older than their equivalent in East Asia (Yes, I mean beyond Taiwan.)
  • $100 can buy a lot more stuff than in Taiwan.
  • I don’t have to carry a pile of cash, but I also don’t remember how much I spent.
  • More private gardens than public gardens.
  • More body parts are exposed.
  • More people need exercise before they expose body parts.
  • More people looked like they didn’t shave or shower for days.
  • More women have their iPhone in thick, black, rubbery sleeves. In Asia, I have not seen a single woman using such a case. They use colorful, slim cases.
  • The tube of Pringles is taller!
  • 1/3 of each top tart is practically sugar.
  • U.S. heart attack rate must be linked to the sinful flour-less chocolate tort my friend fed me with. It is worth dying for.
  • Parking space is even big enough for me.
  • I, too, looked for the closest parking space.

True, I do not live in New York City.


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