Wash Basin on the Toilet

The bathroom in the Wisteria Tea House

I thought I came from a town that is pretty green – Some of my Wall Street classmates thought it is a place not livable, “a strange place where people wear linen and supermarkets recycle shopping bags.” They teased me years ago.

Well, come to Asia to see.

I won’t be surprise that they were greener before there was the overused word, “being green.” In almost all public restrooms I’ve been to, there is always two choices for flushing, “big water” or “little water”. Well, no explanation needed, right?

Can you imagine restaurants in the U.S. having this kind of hand wash basin above the toilet water tank so the water could be reused for flushing?


2 thoughts on “Wash Basin on the Toilet

  1. That makes alot of sense – it makes me wonder why we haven’t considered that here. Ithaca would be a likely place to try it out!

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