Farewell at the Wisteria Tea House

I’m beginning to say good-bye to friends here. Because they are locals, I’ve asked them to pick the places for lunch. Taipei is a surprise to me from the first day I got here. It still is.

The guests feel at home.
Tea was poured, unnoticed. Then, lunch was brought out, in ceramic.
The garden radiates serenity.
In a side room there is a small exhibit.
Unexplainable beauty of space.
Unassuming decor.

There is no limits to exotics or fancy. But there are only a few places that provide you what money cannot buy. This is a place for friends.

Link to the tea house website: http://wistariahouse.com/main/uploads/wistariateahouse/html/space1.html?sn=wistariateahouse&pg=ZC2030