US Beef Ban

Finally, Jeremy Lin is replaced by US Beef. Not everyone cares about Jeremy, I hate to say, but beef?Yes.

It is not easy to talk about beef on a national level. This old article talked about the 2009 rage caused by the comments Stanton made.

Headline of a 2009 article

Today’s debate has the same undercurrent:

Beef-politics! The Taiwan president is lifting the ban for his own political advantage.

Supremacy! What do you mean millions of Americans ate beef with ractopamine? So should we Taiwanese? Are you saying you are superior so if you can take it why not we?

American-Taiwan relations! Because US is Taiwan’s friend, should we put up with anything and everything?

This reminded me of a two-part documentary with the former CNN correspondent, Mike Chinoy, who is now at the USC China Institute. It explains the American-Taiwan relationship and how China is changing it.

But, let’s come back to beef. Do you feel it is ok to feed your kids with ractopamine-beef?


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