Jeremy Lin

I’ve got several friends emailing me about Lin. Yes, yes, of course I’ve heard of him. In fact, I’m missing out my daily news because of him. I don’t turn on the radio nor TV. I need some peace.

The other day, I just wanted to have a bowl of beef noddle soup – I should report to you one day about the debate here over what to call this Taiwan staple, “beef noodle” or “niu rou mian” (“beef noddle” in Mandarin), which one is more patriotic, – But let me not get into another fit for now.

The shabby noodle shop holds only six eaters. The husband cooks and the wife serves. It has always been a quick-in-and-out place. But that day, it took a long time to get the meal going. There was a long report on whether Lin is Chinese on TV. All of us watched, including the cook. Only in the days followed did I realize this was a big deal that is getting bigger. Some used the word “traitor”, others said that China wanted to claim him because of his grandma’s origin.

Source: Taipei Times at 10:20 on 2/21/2012

Look at this, how many people got their identity talked about in 4,630 discussions within the last hour?

Google search at 9:55 on 2/21/2012

And 115, 000 times within the last week?

Google search at 9:46 on 2/21/2012

I would like to say, let Lin sort out who he is. For heavens sake, he is from Harvard, alright, the school ought to have taught him something!

Oh no, don’t you dare to start claiming him American. It is bad enough to keep this straight with only two places involved.

Just let him play ball and let me eat my niu rou mian in peace.


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