Christmas 2011- Departure

At Taoyuan International Airport

At the check-in counter, we realized that we took an expired passport. The staff said they cannot re-book us to next day.


Taiwan staff are not authorized to change Chinese flights. China Southern is a Chinese airline. Skyteam? No, we have to talk to the rep ourselves.

Standing at the counter, we called again and again, no one answered. “The office must be closed. They close at 6 p.m.” But it was not yet 6. No matter, no one was there. “As long as you change your flight before noon you’ll be fine.”

We called Expedia. We bought our tickets there. But American staff couldn’t re-book, either. They had to go through the rep., too.

We called the airline next morning. The line cut us off over and over again. It was almost 10 a.m., we took a taxi to the airline’s Taipei office.

Frozen salad

The glass doors were locked. They are closed for weekends.

We called our brother in Shanghai and asked for help. He called the airline’s office in China. After two hours of emails, texting, and faxing of information, we got re-booked.

As always, the flight attendants are young and beautiful. They radiated loftiness.

They brought me frozen salads and ice-stiff fruits.

Ah, what a memorable Christmas Eve.


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