Can a Principal Smoke?

News source:

Hot in radio today is a debate over a proposal from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan to the municipal education offices. The Ministry asked the local offices to consider an additional condition that smokers who admit that they cannot quit should not qualify for appointment as school principals.  This proposal was sent down in May. One of the district, Hualian, decided to implement this.

Views 1. How can a principal who smokes teach his students not to smoke?

View 2. This is not the Ministry’s purview. The Ministry is violating the law.

View 3. Why is there no such condition for candidates for the Minister of Education post? The former Minister was a heavy smoker!

View 4. Doesn’t the Ministry have more important things than this to work on?

View 5….

What would you say if this were to come from the U.S. Department of Education to your school district?


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