Four Nos for Freshmen of the National Taiwan University

The President of the National Taiwan University (NTU) delivered a speech to freshmen yesterday. He hit the news fast, primarily because, in addressing personal character, he gave four “Nos” as advice to the freshmen:

1. No cheating in tests

2. No plagiarizing in homework

3. No skipping classes

4. No parking bikes just anywhere

He gave even more juice to the reporters by adding that he would support skipping of classes if one had a strong reason. He cited a case, in which a student skipped class to tour Europe in search for his/her goals, and came back with it.

NTU is regarded as the fineness university of Taiwan, the only one of all the Taiwan universities, that made into the top-100 best universities by Quacquarelli Symonds’ ranking, which happened to be released on the day of the president’s speech. I leave it to you to imagine the quarrels about the four Nos amidst excitement about the ranking that moved up by seven positions.

As to the bikes, there are many. But they were parked very nicely every time I was there.

Bikes at NTU

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