A Year in Taiwan

A parade of teachers in an elementary school

Last year on this day, we arrived in Taipei, dazed, freshly “remarried“. Our friends were on SD cards, household in suitcases; home was left empty, garden unattended, and cars sold.

I spent the past days thinking about the past year. At today’s dinner table, I said to the kids solemnly, “I’m writing a piece about our first anniversary. If you have one thing to say, what would it be?”

“Tell how hard we worked,” one said.

“Make it short,” said the other, “Mama, face it, it is only a year which is nothing in Martian’s life or in human life, as a matter of fact. It is only a measure of time.”

Cheers, Martians!


2 thoughts on “A Year in Taiwan

  1. The paradox of time – the days pass slowly and the years fly by. And the year may be a minute for the Martians, and generations for a small ant. Your boys are both very mature, seeing the hard work (the days pass slowly!), and the year that flew by (“nothing” but a measurement!).

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