Air Raid Drill

I was trained to handle atomic bomb attacks. In fact all kids of my age knew where to run for shelter, how to lie face-down, and how to fold our arms to shield our eyes. We never had fire drills. We were prepared for atomic bombs then.

Thus, it roused quite some excitement when I heard that Taipei was going to have its annual air raid drill from 2-2:30 pm yesterday. Radio programs announced it many times. A note was posted in our building’s elevator, asking us to “stay inside and remain calm.”

The young clerks at the Starbucks told everyone who was coming into the store then, “You’ll have to be here till 2:30, because there is a drill, you know?” I said I was there to watch. Upon finding out that I am an ignorant out-towner, they explained the whole process to me. Just watch.

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