Papaya from the morning market
You need a spoon to scrape the seeds out
A dash of salt changed my mind

Someone was talking about mu gua on the radio, papaya that is. 

Ya, ya, I’ve heard what she said before: papaya is a super fruit. It makes your skin smooth and radiant, has lots of fiber to cleanse your system, and has antioxidants to keep you away from cancer and other dreadful diseases.

Well, I don’t like papaya.

I don’t like the mushiness.

I don’t like the stench when you slice it open.

I don’t like the brownish seeds lying against the orange flesh. I imagine that is how toad eggs look like.


“It is so easy to make papaya milk shake, just…”


“Green papaya salad is quick, just..”


“In the morning, mix a few cubes with oatmeal…”

I rolled my eyes.

“Eat it with a dash of salt. Delicious!”


So I tried.

She is right. It is delicious with salt.

Now I am buying papaya every week.

I cut it open, scrape the seeds out, sprinkle some salt, dug my spoon in. That is even easy for me.


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