The Despicable Mainlanders – What Ordinary People Say #2

My girlfriends and I got into a taxi at the fabric market. One of us bought some gorgeous silk fabric.

“Don’t buy any silk from mainland China. They are all fake.” The taxi driver said.

“Cannot be that all are fake.” I said.

World silk production ranking

“But all silk from the mainland China ARE fake.”

“This guy in the store was very honest. He told us, the lower rack has look-alike-silk and the upper ones are real. Both types are from China.

“He is lying. There aren’t any real ones from mainland China.” He snorted.

“But where do you get real silk in Taiwan then? I don’t think Taiwan has a silk industry.”


Oh oh, just made a man lose face.

“Mainland China hen ke pa, very scary. Look at the fruits!” We were passing by some fruit stores, ” The cheap fruits are all from China. They are covered with pesticides!”

“Really? Can you actually tell which ones are from China?”

“Of course! Just look at the color. They are not fresh.”


“People get them in. They sell them, cheap!” He said with disgust.


“I don’t buy them. I never will eat them.”

“But don’t the Taiwan farmers use pesticides heavily, too? Dont’ the media say look for veggies with the tag, ‘safe vegetable”, and soak fruits in water for 10 minutes after a good rinse?”

Aiya, jian ren jian zhi, it’s up to you to share my wisdom or not.” The driver was clearly annoyed.


One thought on “The Despicable Mainlanders – What Ordinary People Say #2

  1. Annoying, yet hardly surprising, my friend. Every culture and sub-culture does it, usually to its neighbors, but also to out-of-towners, “country bumpkins,” etc., etc., anyone who is “not like us.” Gives people something to feel superior about, I suppose.

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