The Despicable Mainlanders – What Oridinary People Say #1

After being here for six months, I finally saw two Taiwanese yell at each other. Here, raising voice even seems to be a disgrace.

An older man walked into two middle-age women in the hospital. The man said they were not looking where they were going. The woman said, “Don’t you know this side is the slow lane?”

A few rounds of sharp tongue. Obviously, the man lost face in public, being yelled by a woman.

“Where are you from?” He barked.

“Whaa, why?” The woman was confused.

“Where are you from, I’m asking! Are you Taiwanese?”

“Are you? I am Taiwanese!”

“I’m Taiwanese. But you don’t look like Taiwanese! You don’t behave like Taiwanese!”

“You dont’ behave yourself!” The woman didn’t show any sign of retreat.

The security guards came and stood in between, gently pushed them apart. They finally parted.

“You!”, the man pointed at the back of the women, “You must be mainlander!”

The image of mainlander Chinese is pretty bad here. The media talk almost everyday about some wrongs: They are ignorant,  rough, loud, rude, uneducated, dishonest, aggressive, corrupt, vulgar, and unfittingly rich.


5 thoughts on “The Despicable Mainlanders – What Oridinary People Say #1

  1. This is exactly how I always WANT to behave with people on the DC metro! When someone is leaving a subway station and standing still (instead of climbing) the escalator on the left side, the whole “you’re not from here, are you!?” tactic looks very appealing. 🙂

  2. Seems typical of two Taiwanese people to yell and scream at each other then “insult” each other by saying they are mainlanders. Mainland Chinese don’t yell and scream about stupid things like that. Yes, they can be just as rude, but at least the fight starts out making sense. What the hell is a “slow lane” at a hospital anyway? lol

    But since they can yell at each other for an old guy accidentally walking into two women and end it by complimenting each other about not being Taiwanese, it’s no wonder their board meetings and congressional debates end in fist fights.

    Silly Taiwan. Now do you get why an INDEPENDENT TAIWAN is a terrible thing?

    • The slow lane is the right side of a walkway. In most places, people here leave the left side free to others who need to rush, on stairs, escalators etc. This is one of the civilities I will miss. I often think what a task it is for my aging parents to cross a street in Shanghai. They have to grab a hold of each other and rush, even if the lights are green. We could do better than that.

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