Politicians Drive Me Crazy

Qiang jiu. Rescue!

That phrase seems to have appeared overnight on his banner. With Schadenfroh, I grinned at him, “Now you will finally go away!”

The wu du election is coming to an end two days from the Thanksgiving Day. The mayors and the municipal legislative officers of the five largest districts in Taiwan will be settled. 

The commotion associated with this is picking up. Every hour, we can hear several candidates rattling out their promises in Mandarin and dialects through the loud speakers mounted on small trucks. They hire old men to drive them, ever so slowly, leisurely.

Motorcyclists zig zag through, with booming speakers and banners fluttering like wings on their sides. Every candidate has a campaign song, they play them over and over. I was shocked to realize that my brain hums the tune automatically upon hearing the faintest sound, although I don’t understand a word of it. Then, everyone always ends with bai tuo, bai tuo, bai tuo, “please, please, please.”

Live with this seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.,  for two months, let me see whether you can still stay sane!

(The slides below are sequenced to show the gradual heat-up of the campaign. Move cursor to the lower part of the slide, a bar will appear. You can use the buttons to navigate through the slides.)

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