Things That Puzzle Me (No. 2) – Foot-long Receipts

Taipei thinks green. This very first impression came from the toilet tissue box at the Taoyuan International Airport. On it, there is a green tag line that reads, shi shi ke ke zuo huan bao, “Preserving the environment any hour, any time.” Below, in smaller print, another message says, “Using one ton of recycled paper saves 17 20-year old trees. Please think for yourself and the next generations. Let the beautiful environment sustain.”

Text on the toilet tissue box at the Taoyuan International Airport

On the streets, one sees messages about saving energy, water, and other resources often.  

In the hottest days, our building’s security guards do not turn the air conditioner on before 11 a.m. , to save electricity, so they tell me.

Our local culture trainer did sophisticated presentation on her Macbook, but when she got to graph the concept, she pulled out a stack of office scrap paper… 

Receipts longer than a foot.

Thus, it was quite a startle when I got a huge receipt in Hola, a store very much like Bed, Bath & Beyond in the U.S. I bought a dozen household items there, and I was handed a triple-fold receipt that’s more than a foot long and 8″ wide. Additionally, it had a carbon copy. Fanning it out, it is almost big enough to cover a patio table for two. 

One receipt, with carbon copy fanned out

Later, I got similar receipts from IKEA, B&Q (like Home Depot), RT-Mart and other stores. This just does not fit the imagine I have of the green Taipei.  Am I missing the usefulness of the large size of the receipts?

Many receipts are huge!

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