Get Ready For Typhoon

It poured all day yesterday and today. The rain drops pounded on the many rooftops our windows face and made loud noise as if hails were coming down. In TV, an anchor woman speaks rapidly with high-pitched voice: typhoon is coming! Not one, not two, but three, they are surrounding the island, ” Two could merge to become a big one, or, they could turn and land on the Chinese shore…”  Then the program went on showing the devastation of a previous typhoon.     

Typhoon tracking, retrieved from on August 31, 2010


It occur to me that we are seasoned for snow days but don’t know what to do if a typhoon hits.  I dig out the manuals the school and relocation company gave us newbies.  Apparently there are different codes for different severity of typhoon conditions:     

  • Condition 48: destructive winds over 50 mph and heavy rains expected in 48 hours.
  • Condition 24: destructive winds and heavy rains expected in 24 hours.
  • Condition 12: …
  • Condition 6: …
  • Emergency alert: when sustained winds of over 50 mph are being experienced.

Aside from advising the citizens to always have an evacuation bag with money, flash light, and first aid kit, the manuals also said:     

  • “Fill the bathtubs with water for cooking and/or flushing toilets.
  • Move furniture away from windows and secure outside plants and equipment.
  • Tape windows when a particularly damaging storm is expected.
  • Make extra ice and turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting 24 hours before the storm is expected to reach the island.

“If you are in a high-rise building, do not use the elevators or the stairs.” Eh? We just stay put when there is an evacuation?     

“Do not leave your home if the winds suddenly die down. You are in the eye of the storm and winds will resume with full force from the opposite direction.” Bummer!     

Seriously, I like snow much better.


One thought on “Get Ready For Typhoon

  1. I am sorry that I laughed when I read this post. Didn’t you see a typhoon before!? But, hey, you are much more prepared than many of us 20 years ago when I was in Taiwan. I don’t think that I had a clue what to do except to prepare a ride with the wind! 🙂 But seriously, typhoons and hurricanes seem to get much bigger and more damaging these days. If you are asked to evacuate, do so. I prepare to do just that in Houston!

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