Did You Attend Harvard?

Master from Harvard


The taxi I was in stopped at a red light.  The sign next to it was big and beautiful: white letters on blue background showing a list of degrees, one of which is that college no one has heard of that starts with the letter “H”.          

I had to figure out what that man actually does.  Ah, I see, he is a doctor. He was educated in the U.S. He has been to places.  But I cannot quite tell whether he is a gynecologist or a pediatrician.        

The light turned green.         

PhD from Cornell etc.


It so happened that on the same day I listened to a speech. The person said, “After five master’s degrees, I know what … should be.” I counted my own degrees in the head, twitched in the chair. Better not to mention them. Not enough.         

UW and UPenn


Perhaps this is a Taipei phenomenon?  I don’t remember seeing degrees displayed on signs on the street in Shanghai, New York, Berlin, or Paris. I probably didn’t pay enough attention there.         

Face it, degrees matter.         

Yes, I hear you and I totally agree with you.


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