I Got Married Today!

I’m not kidding! 

As American citizens we can visit Taiwan without a visa but to stay beyond a month we need to obtain a residence visa. To do that we have to prove our relationships with my husband who will be on a working visa. That’s how it got started. 

Wedding night dinner prepared by friends, August 6, 2010


We can prove when and where the kids were born and they were born by us. 

We can prove when and where we were born and by whom. 

We can prove I was the mother of the kids. But that does not prove I am the wife. 

Our marriage certificate was issued 20 years ago by the Chinese Embassy in Germany, and it is in Chinese. We have an English translation of it which is notarized by the Chinese Embassy in New York City. But these cannot prove that the certificate is real. For this we have mobilized our families in China to provide required documents to prove who we are and our path of life. This includes: 

–  Proof of our birth registration; 

– Proof that we were in our family’s residency registry 20 years ago; 

– Proof when our residency was cancelled because we went overseas; 

– Proof with our passport of 20 years ago that we did travel overseas… 

I guess when all gets proved, it will lead to the marriage certificate issued in Bonn and legitimize it somehow. But wouldn’t it be easier just to ask the Embassy to confirm that we did marry? No,  that’s not how it is done.   

So, we went to the town hall in shorts and flip-flops and got married today. We are flying to Taiwan the day after tomorrow and we have not packed for this unexpected occasion. 

The clerk was very nice and said this is not the first time she heard of similar situations. Even nicer is the justice who will come to her office on a Saturday to perform the ceremony for us. The rule says that we must wait 24 hours before a marriage ceremony can be performed. Without the ceremony, the American marriage certificate is incomplete. Does this mean one of us can still get cold feet?  

Justice Betty opened the court to perform the ceremony for us on Saturday, August 8, 2010


Ten more hours to go before we see the justice. Thirty-four hours to go before we head East as happy newly weds.


6 thoughts on “I Got Married Today!

  1. Congratulations, dear bride and groom! May you have another 40 years of married (lawful, this time) bliss 🙂 Have a good trip and a great adventure!

  2. That is so funny! We got married with friends on June 15th and then two days later got married officially by the village tv repairman with our old teacher standing between us.

    I’m loving your blog, Xin!! c

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