Woman In The Men’s Room

“That is so crazy!” said my husband as he came out of the men’s room at the Narita airport, “Here, too, is a woman cleaning in the men’s room, so close to where we pee.”  This is the third time within a week that he encountered the situation. When he first ran into it he was shocked by the fact that the cleaning lady entered the men’s room when he and others were doing their bathroom business. At the time we thought it was one odd occurence in a Taipei hotel. Now in Japan, too?!  “Do you have cleaning male wiping around you when you ladies pee?”, he asked.  Hmm, I haven’t encountered one but now I question whether my own experience is normal.


4 thoughts on “Woman In The Men’s Room

  1. They are all over the place in men’s restrooms here in Thailand. It’s bad enough that they go in to clean, but 95% of the time they are in there just to look busy, hang around, or do something unnecessary: clean floors that are already clean, stair at guys using the urinals, talk to guys using the urinals, comb their hair in front of the mirrors by the urinals, send texts or make calls (while the towel dispensers are empty).

    It’s very problematic for me. I use the stalls or, if possible, the family bathrooms.

    It’s basically job security for old ladies, though their are some young ones too. I’ve even seen an old lady sitting at a table surrounded by urinals tearing off sections of toilet paper, folding them up and putting them on the table for patrons to use.

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