Bye, Scallion Oil Bing Man!

We’ve bought cong-you-bing, “scallion oil bing” so it is called in Chinese, from this street vendor everyday. Bing is something between naan and fried dough with many variations.  There is probably no Chinese who does not know what cong you bing is: you mix flour with salt water, roll it out into a very thin sheet, brush some oil on it, sprinkle with chopped scallions, fold and re-roll it into a round shape that covers the bottom of the pan, add a few drops of oil to the pan, and lay the dough over, heat it up over even heat until it start to have air pockets. You cannot miss when it is done. Yum!

This guy comes every morning around 6 a.m. with his little cart that has the surface of a student desk.  He has the dough already made.  He rolls it out and bakes it when an order comes in.  He obviously has quite a few returning customers, for taxi drivers swing by minutes after he parks his cart, lower their windows and yells, “Morning!” He calls out, “Older brother, the usual?” And then he gets busy. He customizes the orders by adding a sunny side up or scrambled eggs to it, he smears red pepper paste on one bing but not the other. Then he runs over to the taxi, hands over the food and bows to apologize for being slow. He apologizes to us every morning when we got our order steamy hot after a 5-minute wait.  He asks us how many more days we’ll be staying.  He makes us feel homey.

Good-bye, we are leaving tomorrow.  We’ll remember you.


3 thoughts on “Bye, Scallion Oil Bing Man!

  1. Though the sticky rice wrap (Ci fan tuan) we had in front of the Taipei train station was memorable, it couldn’t compare the ones in our faded Shanghai memory.

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