Let The Adventure Begin

We had a week to decide to relocate to Taiwan or not, a week to find a place to live, and a week to move across the ocean. 

Stepping out of the Taoyuan International Airport, my eye glasses fogged up. The air had a scent of unknown flowers; the taxi fume smelled differently than that back home; and there was no honk. 

Taoyuan International Airport


We are staying in a service apartment in a little alley off Yanji Road. 

Service apartment on Yanji

It took heroic driving skills to navigate through the narrow alleyways filled with cars and mopeds on both sides. 

Street scene on Yanji

 The street was dark at 10:30 but quite a few little food stands and restaurants are still in good business. Their dishes are neatly listed on rectangle tablets. Yellow letters on red, I remember these! They were made of bamboo and the menus were handwritten in respectable calligraphy when I was young. A stand was selling fire baked yams. The Uno’s pizza that was served before landing all of a sudden turned into a meal that I do not wish to eat for a while.  Food preferences are hard to die. 

Street corner restaurant

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