Becoming Expat

It was home.


Becoming an expat family means for us that we had a week to decide, a week to find a place to live, and a week to move from one continent to another. 

We said yes and cannot believe we did.  

Home in boxes

The boys are definitely unhappy. From their perspective, there is nothing to be desired in Taiwan. The lake-side village called Ithaca is just fine. We have our house, our friends, our jobs, and our schools. Of course they think this is the most stupid decision we grownups made.      

Packing, packing, packing!


A friend who is a good Christian called from afar to congratulate me. She said that putting my career on hold is exactly what God would want me to do, “God says you should follow your man and I’m glad you did.” I’m not a Christian and felt embarrassed by my loss of words.        

After two stops and 24 hours on the road, we arrived in Taipei in search of a new home.      

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

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